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Myotherapy Association Australia (Formerly IRMA)

This is the official website of the Myotherapy Association Australia (formerly the Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia - IRMA) which represents Myotherapists throughout Australia. The Myotherapy Association Australia works with governments, educators and other key stakeholders to to advance the Myotherapy industry and provide improved access to myotherapy services.


Myotherapy Association Australia connects with Allied Health Professionals Australia (AHPA)

Myotherapy Association Australia was recently awarded friend status by Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) is the recognised national peak body representing and advocating for the role of allied health professions in Australia. AHPA works to represent the interests of the allied health sector with the Federal Government and to provide a vehicle for liaison and discussion between the professions themselves.

AHPA’s membership includes 22 national organisations representing allied health professionals who have a role in the private and public health sectors. AHPA membership is open to associations who represent an allied health profession and are interested in working with other allied health professions on national issues. AHPA is also formally allied with a number of organisational friends representing professions who are national health associations with similar objectives. Myotherapy Association Australia is now one of these.

 “Our connection with AHPA is a very important relationship” said MA President, Anna Yerondais. “Many members of MA work collaboratively with allied health professionals whose associations are part of the AHPA membership. This new relationship with AHPA enables Myotherapy Association Australia to continue to advance its standards as both a profession and an association and we will certainly benefit from the wealth of allied health expertise that makes up AHPA. We also look forward to reciprocating these benefits.”

Federal Election positions on Allied Health from the major parties

The following responses from the Coalition, Labor and the Greens have been provided in response to questions relating to health, and in particular, allied health from AHPA. Apart from the Greens, the responses are fairly generic and address health care more broadly. Most notably Labor has indicated that as a result of the findings of the Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies, 'health insurance rebates will no longer be available for certain nautural therapies from July 1 2017' if they are elected.  MA will object to this position for Myotherapy and further highlights the importance of MA's association with AHPA and of the profession continuing to strive to demonstrate evidence and strive for even greater professionalism.

The respective responses from the major parties can be found below:

Greens response to AHPA

Coalition response to AHPA

Labor response to AHPA





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